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Adge industries was founded in 2013 in city of Ahmedabad, the business centre in the state of Gujarat, india. The main aim to start this new venture is to expressly manufacture premium quality plastic sterile Petri Dishes. We aim to become the number one supplier of choice for medical testing, biotechnology and research industries. Our journey in the plastics processing business was started by Mr.Suresh Patel two decades ago with aim to provide quality injection molded plastic products at unbeatable rates and premium service. Our group companies dharti mould and containers and Krishna Plast industries have been catering to customers all over states of India, with most notable presence in states of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Rajasthan. This companies serve to different category of customers ranging from electrical hardware, lighting hardware, emergency rechargeable torch components to ro filter housing. This companies are also engaged in contract manufacturing for clients in same field. We are associated with L & T, Negri Bossi (Italy) and Toshiba for our injection machinery needs since past years and enjoy good rapport. To diversify the business and lack of premium products at affordable rates for plastic laboratory products in the market, we at Adge Industries decided to foray to leverage our extensive plastics processing knowledge. Adge industries decided to set up this facility in the region on Thol-Kadi road with acquiring 2.50 acres of prime land parcel. The facility will boast an exclusive clean room area of class 10,000 for manufacture of premium quality plastic sterile Petri Dishes. We are very much assured that very few among industry competitors will be able to match this state of art facility and the ambition behind this project. 
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Almost 130 years after their development by the bacteriologist Julius Richard Petri, the Petri Dishes named after him are among the most frequently used items in laboratory operations. Used for the most part to cultivate micro-organisms and cells, today they are manufactured from glass or plastic. Here, the plastic dish has clearly become the most favored choice. The benefits of this classic disposable product range from simple production to minor packaging and transport efforts. This applies in particular to the needs in population-rich and commercially growing countries such as India, China, Brazil or Turkey. These countries, called emerging markets, are definitely far from being saturated. Not only are these countries experiencing constantly increasing wage costs, but the quality demands, especially for products in the health and food sector, have been increasing as well. This makes an entry into automated production a viable option. In addition, Petri Dishes are a product that are easy to manufacture, especially where an injection molding process is applied. Petri Dishes are used exclusively in laboratory environments, so they must satisfy the highest purity and precision demands. These demands have a direct influence on the quality requirements for the production processes.
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To comply with this stringent quality requirements, we at Adge Industries decided to set up the automated production of Petri Dish in association with hekuma for its automation, engel for the injection molding machine and plastisud for the injection mold to achieve the quality that is prevalent in the most developed and technologically advanced workspaces. 
Petri Dish manufacturing requires several steps. Not only are the lids and bases taken out of the injection mold, they are then also assembled, stacked and subsequently packaged. In the process, utmost priority must be given to handling the parts with care to prevent scratches and to ensure the products are cleanly packaged.

We have two options for the users of our PETRI DISH

  • Petri Dish in polystyrene ø 90 mm triple vents produced in cleanroom class 10,000.

  • Petri Dish in polystyrene ø 90 mm triple vents, sterile by gamma irradiation.


A cleanroom is a controlled environment that has a low level of pollutants such as Dust, Airborne Microbes, Aerosol Particles, and Chemical Vapors. A cleanroom is any given contained space where provisions are made to reduce particulate contamination and control other environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity and pressure. The key component is the high efficiency particulate Air (HEPA) filter that is used to trap particles that are 0.3 micron and larger in size. At Adge Industries we have from the start built a class 10,000 which is equivalent to iso class 7 cleanroom facility to produce our premium quality plastic sterile Petri Dishes. Adge Industries have capacity to manufacture 20 million premium quality plastic sterile Petri Dishes at this controlled clean room facility, with room for expansion immediately.


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  • Size 90*14 mm

  • Manufactured either aseptically or gamma radiation sterilized under class 10,000 equivalent to iso class 7 clean room conditions.

  • Perfect flatness to ensure the media’s constant depth.

  • Dishes are manufactured using crystal clear, virgin, high molecular medical grade polystyrene.

  • Total clarity due to the location of the injection point situated on the side of the dish bottom of the dish optimizes reading even by most advance image analyzing systems.

  • The stacking ring is specially designed to improve the stacking of Dishes and making them more practical to use.

  • Vent design for easy air exchange – triple vented.

  • With the help of product label on each box, we can retrace each production cycle.

  • High strength carton guarantees the transportation safety.

  • Available in individual or bulk pack.

  • The quality of the polystyrene used provides Dishes with a high level of mechanical resistance.